C O S M I C   P E R S P E C T I V E

“The most detailed and precise map yet produced of the universe just after its birth confirms the Big Bang theory in triumphant detail and opens new chapters in the early history of the cosmos, astronomers said yesterday…the universe is 13.7 billion years old, plus or minus one percent…By weight it is 4 percent atoms, 23 percent dark matter…and 73 percent dark energy. And it is geometrically ‘flat,’ meaning that parallel lines will not meet over cosmic scales. The result…is a seamless and consistent history of the universe from its first few seconds.


“The map, compiled by a satellite called the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe [WMAP, or just MAP]…would serve as the basis for studying the universe for the rest of the decade. [Named after Dr. David Wilkinson, the late Princeton University cosmologist who led the project.] “The results were announced at a news conference at NASA headquarters in Washington yesterday [11 Feb 03] and posted online at map.gsfc.nasa.gov/. 

It is a gigantic tragedy that the planet is now gripped by the bloody and destructive plague of a most malignant Bronze Age ideology. That plague is a closed system of violent thought that remains oblivious, indifferent and opposed to all outside advances in thought and knowledge, such as the cosmology summarized above, which would nullify it. Hence, nothing gets culled. Its self-proclaimed divine and perfect ‘sacred’ book is frozen in time.

Therefore, it is essential to introduce the reader to the new field of ideologics and its vital roles in national and international affairs relating to war/peace and arms control, including combatting sanctimonious plagues, which have been the bane of history


B I O L O G I C A L   P E R S P E C T I V E  

The Winter 2008 edition of The New York Academy of Sciences’ magazine Sciences carried an article reporting on research that purported to prove that human neuroscience caused us inherently to behave according to the Golden Rule.  The Spring 2008 edition of that magazine carried a response from this writer as follows:

I was fascinated by the succinct, excellently written article on Donald Pfaff’s The Neuroscience of Fair Play and the Golden Rule (“Each Other, Ourselves,” Winter 2008, p. 19).  However, the article does not say on what planet Pfaff did his research. Here on Earth, the homo sapiens are the most vicious, slaughterous, destructive, malignant species of the entire animal kingdom. No deus ex machina needed here either. Hominid beastliness derives from the evolutionary process of encephalization, via which our neurophysiology retains structures of lower species of beasts.

Stephen Edward Seadler, President, I D Center, Dover, NJ





























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