In the course of the past Quarter Century I have  been in five different volumes of Marquis Who’s Who: In The World, In America, In Science And Engineering, In Finance And Industry, and In American Education.  The editors of all volumes work from the same master bio in the Marquis database. We will focus on just two of them, wherein an extraordinary brouhaha brewed: WW in America and WW in the World.

Back in ca. 1998 the phrase “postgrad. with George Gamow in relativity, cosmology and quantum mechanics, George Washington U., 1948-50” began to appear in my published bios per my updates. Then, ca. 2002, I decided to delimit that and focus on just cosmology: “student in Big Bang Cosmology with George Gamow, [etc.].” To the best of my knowledge that never appeared, for “it did not conform to Who’s Who style,” which apparently would not admit slang like ‘Big Bang,’ and the whole phrase entry became variously chopped up and down in the ensuing years.

But that entry was key in contributing to the validity of the underlying political science of the Ideologic Defense Systems I had developed. So I fought for the full entry against appalling ignorance and muddleheadedness, over several years, with increasing outrage and anger. In addition to dealing with anonymous Update editors, I was in direct contact with the Managing Editor. Time was awasting: we are in a serious World War, and I am under the cloud of cancer recurrence. 

Then the phrase was chopped to just “George Washington U., 1948-50” in the 2006 volumes. This was now looking like a case of sabotage, perhaps by some creationist zealot to whom Big Bang cosmology is anathema. I expressed my renewed outrage in fierce soldierly language in an email to the Managing Editor, said I was “blitheringly fed up,” and would not complete the Update Form for Who’s Who in the World (the one on hand) until I heard that they had permanently fixed the problem. I never heard, and they never sent a Form for Who’s Who in America. 2006 was the last. 

Yet someone put the full phrase back in the database master bio. A copy of that bio is provided below as a public service. The restored entry is highlighted in blue.

So ended a Quarter Century productive relationship — with the consequence of impeding awareness and hence implementation of the new Defense System, for the development of which my life had been spared during World War II. That episode is narrated above in the Page “ADDENDUM: ARMISTICE DAY 2 0 0 5.”

The Great Courses series of The Teaching Company offers the course “Big History: The Big Bang, Life on Earth, and the Rise of Humanity.” The term ‘Big Bang’ was originally coined by British Astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle in the 1930s to deride Gamow’s cosmology, which conflicted with his own. But in his delightful whimsy Gamow adopted it, and it has become the standard terminology in modern physical cosmology. But in its blithering, adamant ignorance the Editorial Department of Marquis Who’s Who cannot hack the term!

On Sept 4, 2008, I emailed James Pfister, Marquis Who’s Who CEO, about this “Severe Operational Dysfunction At Marquis,” and on Sept 10th I followed up with an email to Mr Pfister on “The BIG BANG and LARGE HADRON COLLIDER,” which had just been switched on, transmitting copies of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s website headline, “‘Big Bang’ experiment starts well,” and the New York Times article’s note that “The new collider will eventually reach temperatures and energies equivalent to those at a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang.” I concluded, “Such news or references to it cannot appear in any volume of Marquis Who’s Who! Surely you will want to treat such dysfunction under your management.”

No response.

The company has changed hands several times in recent years.

Despite the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, I will, as scripture puts it, continue to hold firmly to the profession of this faith without wavering.

Their database master bio for me is, as of 2007, as follows. 


SEADLER, STEPHEN EDWARD, philosopher, writer; s. Silas Frank and Doris Amy Seadler; m. Ingrid Linnea Adolfsson, 1954 (div. 1997); children: Einar Austin, Anna Carin. AB in Physics, Columbia U., 1947, postgrad., 1947; student in Big Bang Cosmology under George Gamow, George Washington U., 1948�50. Electronic engr. Cushing & Nevell, Warner Inc., N.Y.C., 1951�54; seminar leader, leader trainer world politics Am. Found. for Continuing Edn., N.Y.C., 1955�57; exec. dir. Medimetric Inst., 1957�59; mem. long range planning com., chmn. corporate forecasting com., mktg. rsch. dir. W.A. Sheaffer Pen Co., Ft. Madison, Iowa, 1959�65; founder Internat. Dynamics Corp., Ft. Madison and N.Y.C., 1965, pres., 1965�70; originator DELTA program for prevention and treatment of violence, 1970; founder, pres. ID Ctr., Ft. Madison, Dover, N.J., 1968�. Mgmt. cons. in human resources devel. and conflict reduction, N.Y.C., 1970-73; pres. UNICONSULT computer-based mgmt. and computer scis., N.Y.C., 1973-76; speaker on decision support systems, internat. affairs and ideological arms control; author/speaker (presentation) Holocaust, History and Arms Control; originator social sci. of ideologics and ideotopology; spl. works collection accessible via On-line Computer Lib. Ctr. Instr. polit. sci. Ia. State Penitentiary, 1959-62; guest speaker on radio and television. Author: Principia Ideologica: A Treatise on Combatting Human Malignance, 1999, Ending the Bronze Age, 2001, Terror War and Peace, 2003; contbr. ideologics and ideotopology sects. to Administrative Decision Making, 1978, Management Handbook for Public Administrators, 1978, statement on ideological arms control in Part 4 of Sen. Fgn. Rels. Com. hearing on Salt II Treaty, 1979, Ideologics Extended to treat ethnic, racial, religious conflict, 1992, with first call for Abrahamic Reformation, Morristown (N.J.) Unitarian Ch., 1993; contbr. articles to profl. jours. Served with AUS, 1944�46. Recipient 20th Century Achievement Award medal Internat. Biographical Ctr., U.K., 1995; named to The Wisdom Hall of Fame by The Wisdom Soc., 1997. Mem.: IEEE, UN Assn.-USA, Forum on Physics and Soc., Fgn. Policy Assn., Am. Mgmt. Assn. (lectr. 1963�68), Am. Sociol. Assn., N.Y. Acad. Scis., Acad. Polit. Sci., Am. Statis. Assn., Am. Phys. Soc., West Point Soc. NJ, Union Concerned Scientists, Friends of West Point, Scottish Rite. Unitarian Universalist. Office: ID Ctr PO Box 824 Dover NJ 07802-0824 Business E-Mail:

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