Homeland Security Ideologic Anti-Jihadic Operations are directed at the extremely serious threat from Homegrown Jihadists.  However, while the Home Terrorists Threat is a major challenge, it also provides a major opportunity.  It provides a Home Front where operations can proceed  with the relative convenience of myriad accessible media and in English.

Operations shall consist of the first 6 of the SELECTED COMPONENTS OF IAJ OPERATIONS presented on Page 7D, ANTI-JIHADIC OPERATIONS — but with primary, heavy emphasis on COMPONENT 1.  The two prongs of that message can, for convenience, be labeled:  [1] De-Sanctification, and [2] White Raisins.

Such Ops cannot be implemented by U.S. Federal, State or local governments or agencies.  Too politically hot, especially vis-a-vis Western allies in the Muslim world and our own Muslim population.  They must be carried out by NGOs and individuals unconnected to government agencies.  It should be noted that there are already substantial Islamic secularization and apostasy movements in the Muslim world, especially in the U.S.  It may turn out that special new NGOs will have to be created to implement the IAJ Ops — by means of leaflets, bumper stickers, mail, radio, TV, Internet and robo-phone messages, and celebrity appearances.  Pervasively.  Relentlessly.  Remember:  This is War.

Such Operations and their messages will inevitably ripple out worldwide, and augment the Page 7 IAJ Ops.

The ideological foundations of Islamic Jihad will crumble, as will the Jihadist Operations and organizations built upon them.

And Islam itself will undergo major, fundamental transformations.





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