Just two further resources by this writer will be noted on this website.  Both are brief, compact  ‘Blue Books,” spin-offs from the Principia. They have received no advertising, have been distributed though non-marketing channels, and have been “hung” on Amazon.com as niche books so as to provide convenient accessibility for anyone to purchase at any time.  Both are vital.


At the urging of colleagues at Princeton University a much shorter, summary work for PRINCIPIA IDEOLOGICA was written and published.  This work, ENDING THE BRONZE AGE, provides a chapter by chapter summary  of the Principia, plus application of Ideologics to the Israel/Palestine problem. The back cover provides a composite photo of the fireball of MIKE, an early thermonuclear weapons test in the Marshall Islands in 1952, set over the skyline of New York City, as rendered by the late U.S. Atomic Energy Commission at the request of Stephen Seadler. The book can be scanned via the link  http://bronze-age.us  

2.  TERROR, WAR AND PEACE: With De-Sanctification of Jihad.

This was originally a website hosted by a service provided by Marquis Who’sWho to it biographees. When Marquis terminated that service, the site was printed out and converted into this Blue Book.  The book provides unique and essential materials on, insights into and methods for effectively dealing with, terror, war and peace in the contemporary context of Global Islamic Jihad.  Especially valuable are the extensive quotations from the classical Koranic and life-of-Muhammad scholarship of Sir William Muir based in Scotland’s Islamic Research Center following extensive service and travel in India and Arabia in the latter 19th century.  They prove conclusively the wholly secular creation of the Koran, and thereby de-sanctify Islamic Jihad, which makes this book  a powerful instrument for combatting the Global Jihad, and thereby for comatting terrorism — rather than just terror, as is everywhere else the case.  The  book can be viewed via link  http://terror1.com  .


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