All paths from the past and present of this writer’s saga, all of his prior studies, works, and experiences, converge on this work, which is the fundamental resource for this entire enterprise. That work is the magnum opus PRINCIPIA IDEOLOGICA: A Treatise On Combatting Human Malignance. 




After more than half a century since that famous phrase first appeared in the Charter of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), a treatise appeared that faces the problem squarely at its roots, and presents essential foundations, principles and applications of the new Defenses of Peace. That treatise is this Principia. In so being, it is also the central weapon, the blueprint, the keystone of a wholly new softpower concept and its extraordinarily low-cost, high-impact, low-casualty defense system. Advanced, fundamental, essential. And much of it is already in place, but not so perceived.

In the course of its evolution and development, this Enterprise has expanded to encompass the full range of hominid malignance. The new field that emerged, called Ideologics (eye dee oh low gics), or ID for short, is applicable to that full range, from families to nations and transnational movements. In-depth applications are provided to Racism, Religionism, Ethnicism, Terrorism, War/Peace and Arms Control, among much else.

Principia Ideologica was six years in research, development and writing, and includes valuable contributions by the faculties and staffs of Princeton University and Hampshire College (United States), Imperial College (England), University of Geneva (Switzerland), and University of St Petersburg (Russia), as well as Columbia College and University (United States) from the author’s formative years, and UNESCO (Paris), which provided copies of its historic Statements On Race, which were drawn up by international conferences of experts in the 1950s and ‘60s. The book  is also much indebted to the resources made available by the author’s Guest Scholar privileges at Princeton University.

This Enterprise originated in childhood experiences during the pre-World-War-II era, as sketched in the ‘about’ Page of this website .The resultant Principia spans many fields, as might be expected in a work that spans the Twentieth Century, many wars and nations, the many faces of micro and macro hominid malignance, and the ascent of life and intellect on this planet, especially during the past five thousand ears. Yet it is designed and written so as to be accessible to everyone, albeit in varying degrees, even to those who might be scared off by the appearance of mathematics in some chapters, to which it is confined, and where it is only illustrative. Hence, readers can actually see physics, from elementary particles to the cosmos, and thereby much better understand the nature of knowledge and its relation to oppression, racism, bigotry, war, terrorism, arms control, and….Peace.

The Principia will, in time, prove to be an exceedingly powerful Epilogue to the evils of the past and present, the foundational Prologue to a far better future, and, altogether, in timing and content, a truly Millennial work.

Properly, the author is irrelevant. A thesis stands or falls on its own merits. He will allow, however, that he is a Member of the American Physical Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the New York Academy of Sciences, the Foreign Policy Association, the Academy of Political Science, the West Point Society of New Jersey, Naval Intelligence Professionals, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the American Physical Society Forum on Physics and Society,  that he is recognized in major reference works in the United States, Europe and Asia, that, in 1997, he was elected to The Wisdom Hall of Fame by The Wisdom Society, and that over several years he studied quantum mechanics, relativity, and cosmology under the late great George Gamow, primary original author of  ‘Big Bang’ cosmology of the origin of this universe, at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., to which Gamow commuted from Los Alamos.

You can view this book at http://softpower.us 

The motto of this Enterprise, this Mission, appears on the front cover:



— Intellect/Reason, Knowledge, Love 



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